Why Sports Flooring Systems


Limited Warranty

The careful selection of the best materials combined with the most innovative development of sports floor systems with the longest warranty period in the market. The limited warranty on our solutions can go up to 15 years.

Up to


The reason we exist

Creating value through innovation is one of our goals. With in-depth studies, blending technical know-how, with athletes and winters in the game with a hint of our passion for innovation, could only result in unique, value-added products that easily stand out from the conventional solutions

Best Materials

Innovation and quality

The empirical knowledge, with constant updating of knowledge of the latest materials and innovative forms of production allow us to include in our systems only top quality materials

The reason why users love our solutions

One of the goals of those who purchase a sports floor is that it is comfortable for those who use it. The question of comfort is directly linked to the issue of the biomechanical protection characteristics of users. We are probably the only company in the world that through its patented systems can confer extreme comfort properties not only on floors used for the highest indoor competition but also on outdoor sports floors where our solutions have high performance levels at Vertical and lateral impact absorption (patented) as well as the correct, useful and preventive energy restitution


Added value

Because our solutions always offer you something more

Our passion for innovation seeks in every detail to create added value in each product that the user easily perceives and proves. We did not want to develop solutions that were “more of the same”. We have chosen the most difficult route and we have tried to develop each of our systems so that we can present in each case added value that allows us to highlight the quality of innovation, as evidenced by the choices of entities such as LNFS and the Portuguese Football Federation

High quality materials + Exceptionally well designed systems = Durability

The choice of materials, the system, the way it is applied, the easy way of maintenance are details that we had in mind in the development of each one of our solutions as these are the factors that together with the type of use, type of equipment Used and care define the durability of a Sports Floor. Sports Flooring Systems is proud to present some of the most durable solutions in the world and because we are certain of its quality we offer up to 15 years limited warranty


Sports Performance

The best for the best and the most demanding

The fact that we work with some of the best and biggest competitive organizations in the world is for us a proud factor, but mainly a great responsibility. In order for our Sports Flooring to be used by the best athletes of different modalities, in the most competitive environment that our planet knows, it has obliged us to have as base several studies of development and application of systems and techniques to surpass the highest expectations of Athletes and leaders. This development know-how that is undoubtedly an added value is then used transversely in all our solutions

Know How

Knowledge not only theoretical but also practical

The inputs obtained by managers and athletes are crucial to our continuous improvement. It is the new needs and ideas that challenge us every day to innovate and develop value-added solutions. But our structure is composed of people with backgrounds in different areas, but all share the experience as athletes, managers or sports managers. This experience allows us to better understand the messages of the most varied players and to create a unique know-how in the world sports panorama. We are not just distributing products that someone has developed, developed and adapted each of our solutions in order to surpass the highest expectations of the players such as LNFS and the Portuguese Football Federation


Investment protection

Our Sports Flooring protects your investment

Whether they are portable, or because of superior quality and durability characteristics than common solutions, our solutions provide real protection for your investment. In the case of portable decks the advantages inherent in being able to be assembled / dismantled, transported allow the protection of your investment as it can monetize your sports space for other activities without running the risk of damaging the sports floor and investment in it well How you can use different spaces (as does the LNFS and the Portuguese Football Federation) always guaranteeing the same sports floor. In the case of on-site solutions, the systems we use have a higher durability than conventional systems because they are solid wood systems that allow the maintenance of higher number maintenance, thus also protecting your investment

Fixed or modular


Floor In Situ or Portable?

We have in our offer in situ sports flooring and modular flooring that are designed for different levels of need and environments (interior and exterior). However the common denominator in all of them is the biomechanical protection and the consequent safety, as well as the sport performance, resistance and durability. When purchasing a floor Sports Flooring Systems is not only acquiring a sports floor but a functional system with unique and patented engineering details that any user notices the difference, you choose

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