Sports Flooring Systems – The Concept

As a result of history, it is often referred to as any and every surface where sport is practiced as a floor or sports floor. In fact, most of the spaces that we find are only flat, rigid surfaces without any system that works to ensure protection of the athlete’s physical integrity by not possessing vertical and lateral impact absorption properties. These so-called “sports floors or floors” are one of the major culprits for injuries to the joints and spine

Sports Flooring Systems Vs Sports Flooring

Conventional Sports Floors

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    The rigid base is the pavement or sports flooring

    Whether or not it is painted, sports practice is performed on a rigid surface, giving every step of the athlete the weight of his body and the speed at which it travels, thus punishing joints and spine resulting from the inexistence of a system that allows conferring properties of Biomechanical protection

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    A single layer ... a rigid

    Although it can be decorated with paintings or other components, the truth is that it is only an aesthetic question because it only has a rigid bed for athletes

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    Non Elastic Layer

    The absence of the elastic layer causes all impurities resulting from the movement of the athletes to be absorbed by the joints and spine

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    Designed to think about ??

    The truth is that it can not be said that the creation of these floors or sports floors were designed to think of comfort, biomencanica protection or even sports performance

Sports Flooring Systems

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    Applied on rigid base

    The entire system starts by being laid on the rigid base, then going through layer to layer to allow a functional system

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    Multi-Layered System

    Multilayer system to allow vertical dynamic behavior for vertical impact absorption and energy restitution

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    Existence of Elastic Layer

    The existence of the elastic layer allows to give a good receptivity to the load and give elasticity to the whole system

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    Designed to think about Biomecanica protection

    The whole system functions as one in the sense of giving more comfort to practitioners, performing effective biomechanical protection and minimizing the risk of injury

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    A Sports Flooring System, not a base

    More than a block of cement or tar, a system specially designed to guarantee the protection of the physical integrity, the comfort of the users, the safety and a high durability

The Concept Sports Flooring Systems

The existence of such a vast offer of sports areas worldwide, however strange it may seem, did not meet our requirements of quality and demand as well as those of other entities such as LNFS and the Portuguese Football Federation. Due to our vast technical, practical and operational knowledge we have chosen to design solutions to satisfy the most demanding needs of those who, like us, LNFS and FPF just want the best. Thus we develop our solutions based on the following principles:

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    Protection Physical integrity of users

    Systems designed to minimize the risk of joint and spine injuries, but also ligaments with surfaces with perfect adhesion

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    The robustness of the system, coupled with the superior quality of materials used with a high level of engineering reflected in every detail

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    Comfort for the athlete encourages repetition and continued sporting practice. Designed with comfort in mind, our systems are internationally recognized as a benchmark for comfort

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    High Performance Sports

    From the use of leisure to the most demanding of competitions all our products have characteristics that allow to be used in the most important competitions in the world

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    More than one floor, an integrated system

    A system designed to exceed the highest expectations of each user. It’s not something simple, it’s a system that works together to get the best results.


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